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[Life] Middle of the Week

Happy birthday, jungle_goddess! (And to the many people whose birthday I've missed, um, sorry. ^_^())

Just doing a little catching up. Anime club is going on right now, but I felt a little lousy tonight so I didn't go. I'm in the_lizard_rat's IRC battle channel instead.

I've got my new glasses! UPS brought them today, and I went and picked them up from the office. They look pretty good. A bit taller than my old glasses (by which I mean the lenses are longer from top to bottom). And my girlfriend requested a photo, so here's one. *bleh* I don't like the way that turned out, but oh, well.

And that's pretty much it. Slow day. Waiting for my reapp to show up on campfuckudie. Later, all.

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