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[Life] Plans Thrown Off

I don't do this often, so I hope you'll forgive me if I curse out my place of employment (which will remain nameless here.)

We have an agreement here, you see. I come in when you ask me to and spend my time doing tasks for you. And in return, every week you give me a sum of money, which I can then use to purchase goods or services. This is a time-honored arrangement, and it has worked well in the past.

So I don't think it's too much to ask that, when I spend twenty minutes on my bike to come in on payday (which happens to be a day off for me this week) and pick up my check, that the check be there. There is no good reason for them not to be! (Okay, actually there could be, but I think I should be allowed a bit of willful unreasonableness once in a while.)

"Checks aren't in. Come back tomorrow." Gee, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. I had to pay rent yesterday. You know what I have in my checking account? Ten dollars. You know what I have in my wallet? Pocket change. So I couldn't buy a headset like I wanted, I couldn't mail a package to my girlfriend like I wanted, and I couldn't do anything, in fact, but ride back twenty more minutes to home again.

I finally decided to pull fifty dollars out of my savings account. Damn it, I have things I want to do today, and I'm not gonna let this screw-up change that.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to take my allergy pill, again, so now my eyes itch and my nose is running. Again. Plus I accidentally deleted a text message I was about to send to my girlfriend's phone.

*whew* Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest. It's not all bad, I guess. It is a fairly nice day, and I got to see a horse parade on Michigan Avenue. *chuckle* Forget what it was for. And as I reminded myself on the way home, at least I have a fairly steady paycheck. Lots of people aren't that lucky.

Well, I'm heading back out, so I can finally do that stuff I mentioned above. Thanks for listening, or at least skimming.

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