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[Works] Comic Sketches

More art! These are two pieces I did at work Monday, on paper I plucked from the receipt printer. A bit big, so you'll find them

Some sketching and costume designing for Justin Forrester/the Protector/herotype. I also have a rotated version so you can read the other half without flipping your screen over. That bit next to the lowest mask says "Spcmn Spiff esq.", or "Spaceman Spiff-esque" if I'd had room.

Oh, yeah, and I did a goofy little sketch of the pirate flag and Going Merry from One Piece. Because the torn edge of the receipt looked like waves to me.

Here I decided to do a standing sketch of Justin. I'm a bit unsure of the proportions; I thought his torso looked over-long. And I made him 8 heads tall, which I may want to change.

And down at the bottom is Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach. I tried to write out his given name in kanji (一語), but I forgot how the "go" looked.

So "Protection Notes" was 3 x 3 inches, and "Justin Sketch" was 3 x 9, which means the total is:

76 / 10,000

Coming up: at least one request pic, promise.

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