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[Works] Art Requests

Some of you may have noticed that I'm an aspiring artist. *glances over at icons, grins* I don't exactly make a secret of it. Anyway, I'm woefully out of practice, and herotype (who occasionally doubles as my muse) is bemoaning his chances of ever seeing the comic pages again. So it occurred to me to put myself in a position of having to draw something. And so I'm taking requests!

Comment with a little request for art, and I'll give it a shot. I'm not promising ursulav brilliance, by any means, but I can manage a good cartoonish or anime style. I know a bunch of my friends' fandoms, but if it's one you don't think I know (or if it's one of your original creations), track down some reference for me, okay?

I'll be interested to see what everyone asks for. ^_^

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