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[Thoughts] Schedule Conflict

Well, this is interesting. And when I say "interesting", I mean "aggravating". See, useless_espers just made a mention of the Anime Central convention, which I plan to go to. I've been thinking about other things lately, so I was a bit surprised at the reminder that it's coming up. So I went to see when exactly it was.

May 13-15.

I paused for a moment, then reached over to pick up the move-in information for my new apartment.

May 14.

Long pause, shortly followed by profanity.

So, yeah, that's gonna be fun to work around. The apartment complex has an early move-in available on the 9th, but that's a Monday, and I was counting on having my brother to help me move in. (He'll still be in school in May, which means weekends are the only time he can come up.) So I asked if I could move in on the 8th, but they're not sure yet if that'll be possible. Then I remembered my fellow anime club members were thinking of using someone's van to drive to ACen in. So maybe I could corral one or more of them into helping me on the 9th. We've got a meeting tonight, so I can ask then.

Oh, well. I guess if this is the worst problem I have moving in, I'll be happy.

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