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[Life] Two Feet Good, Two Wheels Better

Happy birthday, aidosaur! Er, apropos of nothing at all. Just since Semagic reminded me it was your birthday. And you're probably not reading this anyway. So whatever. ^_^()

This'll be just a quick post; I've got to leave for work pretty soon. I wanted to mention that -- joy of joys! -- I got my bike fixed up! The only real problem with it was that the back tire was flat, so they took out the tube and replaced it, pumped up both front and back, and oiled the chain while they were there (it tended to stick). And just $10, which surprised me. I know nothing about bike repair, so I was preparing myself for it to cost a lot more.

So I've finally got a mode of transportation besides the bus and my feet. *grin* And now I shall be using that mode of transportation to get the heck outta here. Later!
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