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[Times] Epitome of Silliness

Have I ever told you guys about my ball of foil?


Well, I think it's high time I did.

I've managed to misplace my digital camera (god damn it, I am cleaning this room the MINUTE I get home from work, I swear on the souls of my ancestors), so I can't provide a picture yet, but let me describe it for you. It's a ball of aluminum foil. And it's very nearly as big as my head. I started it in... oh, had to have been sixth grade. Yes, it's pure foil, all the way to the center. I started it with a bit of foil that was rolled up into a ball. It has consumed multiple rolls of aluminum foil; I have actually purchased foil in the past (and most likely will in the future) solely to add it to the ball.

Why? Hell if I know. Because it's cool.

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