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[Life] Nothing New report, really. I'm mostly over my sickness; I still have the cough, and I have a bit of a headache (which the cough does not help), but that's it.

sages_of_chaos has been taking up a bit of my time recently; I sometimes comment as myself, my superhero herotype, and I've just added a new character (or rather, characters) tonight that should prove to be a lot of fun.

No new art lately; I fully intend to reply to comments on the older art, sooner or later. For now, thanks go out to everyone who looked at it and gave me your thoughts.

Going home Friday for a visit; then we're seeing Brian Regan's act in Ann Arbor. That'll be fun. He's pretty much my favorite stand-up comedian.

And that's about it. I'm kinda in a blah mood tonight; the last few days have been boring and I haven't gotten anything done. I'll try harder tomorrow. Later.

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