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Job-Hunting -- or rather, Money-Hunting

[Panel A]

I've been home from college for more than a month now, and I don't have a job yet. Mom wants me to find a full-time job (read: 40 hr/wk) if possible, so I've been handing out applications like penny candy. The Hi-Lite called me today -- not two hours after I had visited them to check in. [shrug] So I'll interview with them, and if that doesn't work out, I'm hoping the video store near the center of town will get in touch with me. (I can't remember this video store's name. I know it's "Video" something. Place? Hut? Palace? I should probably know that before I sign on.)

Geez, is that all that happened to me today? No, wait -- I got a few more medals in Dark Cloud 2. And I invented the Treasure Chest Key. Man, my life is boring.

Oh, I've decided on the update schedule for my web site. I'm going to post new art every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So check it out tomorrow and see what I've created! (I expect something to do with this, although that's tentative.)
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