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[Times] Get Your Head in the Game!

First of all, I need to catch up on felicitations. I missed jinwicked's birthday two days ago and hymnia's yesterday, so happy belated! And happy birthday today to chocobogoddess. ^_^

Now, I haven't written since shortly after my birthday, so here's what went on since then. I stayed home from Monday through Wednesday morning, mainly playing Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year Door. But I also got everything packed up in my old room that I wanted to take with me to the new apartment. I'm finally getting all my stuff out of there -- well, except for the stuff I'm storing in the upstairs garage. But all my books, electronics, papers, old art, and stuffed animals (yeah, that's right) are boxed up and waiting to be brought up to East Lansing.

Mom and I also went shopping, and I picked up a bunch of clothes that I needed. New underwear, socks, white T-shirts, and some nice new shoes. My black sneakers are beginning to decay, so I'll be switching over to the new white/gray sneakers today.

Then I came home, and forgot my external hard drive. Most of the files on it are already copied to Arthur, but it's got some music that isn't on my MP3 player yet as well as all of my downloaded anime. So I had Mom mail that up. Hopefully it'll show up soon.

Yesterday I had work, 12 to 8:30. A man came through the line with a bit of toilet paper on his cheek, obviously where he'd cut himself shaving. I thought that was interesting; I'd just never seen anyone do that in real life before. Other than that, it was uneventful. Though I did get a paycheck. After work I bought a few things at CompUSA -- another power strip (since the one I have is full), Microsoft Money (I figure I could use the help keeping track of my finances), and a few CD-Rs (at 33 cents apiece, I couldn't resist).

Um, this has been disjointed, hasn't it? My posts tend to be that way when I'm catching up. Next post will be sooner than four days, I promise.

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