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[Times] Spending Habits

Holy crap. The last time I updated my checkbook was the 25th! I promised myself when I got this account that I wouldn't get into that bad habit! Good thing Fifth and Third's online banking is so nice. Let's see...

  • Check 1005 - Feb. Rent. Got it.
  • Sprint bill for Dec-Jan. Check.
  • Transfer from savings when I was between paychecks.
  • Annoying fees. Right.
  • City of Heroes for February.
  • Snack run at CVS. Gotcha.

Okay, I'm as far as the 28th and it balances perfectly. Going on...

  • Three Kroger purchases and one at Chios -- they had a going-out-of-business sale and I got some cool bandannas and a scarf. I have the receipts right here, so those are fine.
  • Web space for February! V. important.
  • Ah, that's the rent check. Took a while to register. I've already got that down, so no trouble at all.

Okay, the balance for 1/31 matches my records. Eeeexcellent.

  • A couple more little purchases at Kroger. (Since I work there and get a discount, I buy a lot. Vicious cycle, you could say.)
  • Oh, there's the Amazon order I did way back on Christmas day. Took a long time to get sent, even longer to appear in my account.
  • The check Mom wrote me for the $80 application at the place where Kipp and I are moving in May/June.
  • The check I wrote to said place (#1006) hasn't cashed yet, but I'll put that down here too.
  • Another transfer from savings, because I was worried I might be close to zero.
  • And finally, Indigo's flowers. *devious grin*

And the final total: $100.59! Whew, good thing I did that last transfer; if I hadn't, my account would currently contain all of 59 cents! Ahhhhh. Such a nice feeling, to have one's bank account balanced. I fear I've become mature after all.

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