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[Life] Since We Last Spoke

Geez, it has been a while, hasn't it? I need to get out of this habit. Okay, work at 6:30, so allow me to do a quick catch-up.

* I haven't sent those valentines yet. If you still want one, comment over here. (It's beginning to look like Valentine's in March if this keeps up.)

* Lately I've been working on my dad's web site. He owns a car dealership, and I'm currently setting up a backend for the used car page, so he can easily update it when he sells or buys. I did a bunch of coding Tuesday, but it was crap, so I had to throw it out and start over. I've planned it out this time, so hopefully it'll turn out better.

* I've been playing a certain computer game a lot lately. If you've never heard of Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari, in the original Japanese), you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's kind of a Metroid-ish Castlevania-like side-scrolling platformer with a side-order of BRILLIANT.

* I'm way below my daily recommended dose of role-playing lately. I'm looking into two RPGs that are in the application stages, myriad_dreams and guardians_gates. And I've been slightly involved in sages_of_chaos (with plans to become more-so soon). Plus there's the Eberron game eslington started up a while ago; that hasn't gotten off the ground yet, but I'm hoping it will soon. If anyone has game recommendations, do let me know.

* I've switched over to Firefox from Opera for my web browsing, and to Thunderbird from... Opera for my e-mail and RSS. I've got RSS feeds set up for all my LJ communities and about a quarter of my friends, which means no more constant friend-page-refreshing. It's nice. ^_^

Now, to clean my room before I have to leave.

Edit: One more thing. I hope to catch up to comments in my journal tonight after work. Wish me luck. ^_^()

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