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[Life] Catching Up Again

Yeah, I know, I know. Still, only four days without a post isn't all that bad. The past few days have been a mix of good events and bad events.

Good: My new computer is working flawlessly. Well, one flaw: the standalone Flash Player keeps crashing. But other than that, everything is running smoothly. I've decided to name him "Arthur". I know it's not exactly a unique name (my old compy was named "Lightspeed"), but I like it; I used to think if I ever wrote an artificial intelligence, I'd name him Arthur. (If I ever wrote a female AI, I'd name her Casi -- and 100 points to anyone who gets that reference.)

Bad: Lightspeed is no more. I forget if I mentioned this, but the warranty was several months expired, and even though I'd been having problems with him before the warranty expired, HP was holding me to it. They wanted $675 to fix him (apparently his motherboard was broken) or $125 to send him back to me unrepaired. I went back and forth on the phone with billing and service for two hours yesterday, but they wouldn't budge a bit. The deadline for making the decision was yesterday, so I finally said, "I'm not paying either of those, so keep the computer and do whatever the hell you want with it." (I was more polite than that, of course.) So R.I.P. Lightspeed, 2005. I have an address for HP's complaint department, and I'll be writing a nasty (but always polite) letter to them explaining how they've lost my custom.

Good: Arthur can run City of Heroes really well, so I've been playing that a lot lately. My main character, the City Protector (based, of course, on my long-postponed comic strip's hero), is just a couple hundred XP from reaching level 11. I just got the Negotiator badge; badges let you add a little title to the end of your name, so I look like "the City Protector: Negotiator" to any player who looks at me. I like the Roger Smith image that that brings to mind. CP is on the Virtue server (as are the other two characters I'm playing right now, Tenebrosus and the Green Electron), so if you're ever around, feel free to look me up!

Oh, and I've put together a CoH character page on Forrester Labs. Which is a bit annoying to keep updated, but I like having it enough to put up with that.

Also Good: Speaking of CoH, let me show you a comparison between computers. This is what Lightspeed would show me when I played, and this is what Arthur shows me now. (I'm happy with that character design, but the Protector isn't the Protector without a cape. Eagerly awaiting level 20.)

Bad: I've been running around the college campus lately, trying to find out exactly what I need to do to return to class in the fall. I talked to a guy in charge of scholarships, and according to him, my scholarship is on hold until I bring my GPA back above a 3.0. (You don't want to know what it is now.) But every semester I take from now on gets counted as one of the nine the scholarship provides, even if it's not paying for them. So I have to pay for the fall semester, but it's getting taken off my scholarship anyway. Now is it just me, or is that really... punitive?

Good: I haven't done the math yet, but if I retake the classes I screwed up before and get at least 3.0s in them (although I'm aiming for 4.0s, of course), I believe I can jump past the 3 mark in one semester. So that's only four more months lost (so to speak). And the person I spoke to today at the Undergraduate University Division has my readmission application on his desk, so hopefully I should be hearing back from him or from the Admissions Office within a week.

Bad: Had to do the dishes tonight, and that took up about an hour of the evening. Bleh.

Good: Have been cleaning my room today, and I've made progress. My roommate isn't using the second dresser, so I annexed it in the name of my book collection. Still got a few boxes of manga to stuff in there, but most of my books are finally off the floor. ^_^() Now I need to get my laundry (which I did last night -- go me) put away and I'll be all but cleaned up!

Annoying: There have been no more releases of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha or Mai-HiME fansubs lately. And this displeases me. (Okay, now I'm startin' to get silly.)

Really Good: My brother kipperton and I have secured an apartment! It's in a little place very large place called Capitol Villa. $175/month each in the summer, then $295 or so each for the next year after that! It's a really nice apartment; I'd share some pictures, only I forgot to take my camera when we went to look at it. Really spacious. Plenty of room for all my books, computer, Kipp's video game systems, the works! I'm moving in this May, and Kipp will be coming up as soon as he graduates.

Holy Crap: My 21st birthday is in less than 21 days. Wow. It's February 20th, in case you haven't seen that on my user info. But yes, I'm going to be 21. Which is just... I can hardly believe I've been around that long.

And that's about it. I'll be on Trillian for a while, if anyone wants to chat, though I may be a bit AFK from room-cleaning. Later!

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