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[Life] Another Ordinary Day

Hey, everyone! Up a little earlier than usual (my mom messaged me a couple hours ago), so I thought I'd say hello. I was thinking of turning on the holograph generator and doing another holo-post, but I swear that thing takes a half-hour to warm up, and, well, I'm not feeling particularly hologenic anyway. ^_^() So I'll stick with text today.

Played a bit more Universe of Heroes last night. Really had a good time. I think my gloves need to be calibrated, though. I was missing with my punches much more often than I should've been. Then again, it might be a compatibility problem with the game; my VR outfit is pretty outdated. But it works with all my old emulated games... Eh, I'll glance around the UoH forum and see if anyone else has the same problem. Still a really fun game.

I sent in my broken wrist computer a few days ago, and they just messaged me the other day with the estimate. They want 675,000 credits to fix the thing! For crying out loud, I didn't even pay 2 million credits to get it! I'm gonna try to complain, see what I can get. The warranty is only two months expired, and I was having problems with it before it ran out anyway.

Remind me, if I forget, I have to contact this Glen guy about returning to online training in the fall. He's the guy who'll know if I can keep my scholarship; I really don't want to save up the credits for two or three years of training courses, so that's pretty important. Problem is he's set himself to invisible or something. All my chat invites have bounced.

I think the world's conspiring against me. I mentioned the back jet of my hoverboard burnt out a week ago, right? (Ever ride half a mile on a hoverboard with the back end scraping along the sidewalk? Not fun.) Well, the city's weather generator is still stuck on "winter" (why can't they hurry up and debug the damn thing?), so I've gotta take the teleport platform to work. I hate those things. I always get there a few seconds too late for the teleport, and then I have to wait around 15 minutes for it to charge up again. I wish I had the credits to get a robot duplicate, so I could at least telecommute. Ah, well. If I had enough credits for a robot duplicate, I wouldn't be stuck with a job I have to leave the house for.

So, I guess today's not really all that interesting. Well, no big deal. You know. Just another ordinary day.

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