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Yard Work and Other Painful Things

Ah, but I exaggerate for comedic effect. My hands really don't hurt much at all. The blister's annoying, but it'll heal. I was happy to get some stuff done for Dad at his car dealership. (And he's paying me!)

My little brother Kipp has a LiveJournal now. He's kipperton. Check him out. No, really, check him out. He's single, ladies.

I'm downloading a couple of Futurama episodes right now -- 504 and 508 (or, alternately, 4ACV05 and 4ACV10). I promise once I've got a steady source of income, I'll start getting the DVD sets, but for now I go the file-sharing route. I watched a new episode ("The Sting") with my family the other day, and that prompted me to watch all the Season 5 episodes I've missed out on by not having a TV in my college dorm room.

Ah, yeah. Speaking of college, I checked my grades from the spring semester, and it turns out my cumulative GPA dropped by 0.7. Incredible. I wish I was more surprised. I slacked off sometimes and forgot homework other times, and I guess it built up to a lot more than I realized.

Rambling ends now.
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