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[Life] Improvement

Ahh, now this is going to be a good day. I had only just gotten out of bed by this time yesterday; today I've gotten up and around, had breakfast, gone to the bank, and called four apartment buildings attempting to make appointments. See, kipperton and I are thinking of moving in together once he graduates from high school.

Dear god, my little brother is about to graduate from high school. And sannalim just asked about birthdays (in a friend-locked post), which reminded me that I'm turning 21 in February. Twenty-one. What the crap happened here? Last thing I remember I was a spazzy little teenager barely done with high school! Now I'm about to be legally considered an adult?

Well, my birthday isn't for over a month now, so I'll save the disbelief for when the day approaches. Right now I'm going to get some lunch, then call a few more apartment buildings and see how many appointments I can rack up.

One last item: I've decided to start recording when I add people to my LJ friends list, because otherwise I always forget where I found them. And this way people who suddenly see me on their "friend of" list can find out where the heck I came from. ^_^ So this morning I added sheeplass and fishsupreme, because I saw her comment on stroum's journal and found that they were a really cute couple.

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