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[Life] Exactly Squat, Sir

Don't mind me, I'm just feeling lousy and annoyed at myself because I wasted the entire day. Today I:

  • slept
  • slept more
  • tooled around on Internet
  • showered
  • washed three dishes
  • ate
  • see #3

So, yeah, the productivity? Not with me this day. I'll get over feeling lousy eventually, of course. I do this every once in a while, and it usually just takes a day or two before I remember that I've got time to get things done.

But I promise that as soon as possible, I will get started on telling you all why you're cool. Oh, and I've decided: I will not end this meme. I mean, ever. Anyone on my list who wants to be complimented can comment, from now on, no matter how long it's been since the 8th.

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