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So what have I accomplished? Well, I reached 52 hours even of DC2 playing time. I'm enjoying it immensely; the voice acting is a little off at times, but the game itself is really fun. I picked it up a few weeks ago; I'd heard good things about it, but what convinced me to snap it up was what dragonscholar wrote about it when he played it back in March or so. I'm at the point now where my Max and Monica basically own the monsters. And then there's my Ridepod, which rides through swarms of creatures on hover jets, slashing about with its two blood-stained katanas... This is the most genuinely fun battle system I've played with in a long time.

My brother is playing DC2 as well, which is interesting to me mainly because of how he's playing. He focuses on building up Max's wrench; he can barely survive sometimes in the levels where he's forced to play as Monica. I didn't have as much trouble with that, though, because I tried to use Max, Monica, and the Ridepod more or less evenly. They all grew in power at about the same speed. We just have different styles, it seems.

(I haven't bothered much with Monica's monster transformations, though. That's just pointless.)

I need to get to work on fan-fiction. I got Nik from FanFiction.Net to agree to proofread Project O.N.E. for me, so I've gotta finish that first. Then I've got an idea for a Dark Cloud 2 story, and I really should finish my rewrite of Inherit the Earth. Well, I have a plan, at least. And that's... maybe a quarter of the battle.
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