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[Life] Returning to the Norm

Whew! Well, I've finally caught up with comments and replies (well, all but one or two), so I'll write another post. ^_^()

I'm back at my home away from home after that nice 4-day weekend. All my new tech stuff is set up and plugged in (although I need a USB hub if I'm going to actually use more than two at a time), the four pieces of pumpkin winter squash pie I brought with me are in the fridge, and I'm relaxing after a 7½-hour shift at work -- which went by pretty fast, happily. Now I'm working on some code for my dad's web site. I'm having trouble figuring out how to start, but once I get that, it won't be too hard.

On several people's advice, I went to find a headband or some-aught to keep my hair out of my face. No headbands found, but I did buy a few bandannas. Two blue for home and two red for work. And just because I can, now, I took a photo of myself with one on. Nah, I'm just goofing around. I actually think I look pretty good.

Well, that's about it for now. Oh, yeah, I had hiccups for several hours today, but they're gone.

One more thing! aurora77 is collecting money to donate toward the tsunami recovery. She's donating through her employers, who are matching what she donates, so anything you give her will count double. This post has all the details.

Edit: My hiccups just came back. O_o
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