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[Thoughts] Miscellanity

(I'm not certain that's a real word, but anyway.)

This'll just be a stream-of-consciousness kinda post. Nothing much has happened in the past two days; I've just been hanging out and playing with my stuff.

* I won an auction! bewilde had a couple dozen art prints on eBay, and I picked up a chibi-version of her character Margaret. I was a bit worried I wouldn't get it; a fellow by the name of "greywolf66" pushed it very nearly to the maximum I was willing to spend. But in the end I reigned supreme. I've always liked Margaret, and my favorite color is blue besides, so it's perfect! ^_^

* MY HAIR IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. It's too long to stay out of my face and too short to tie back. I'm growing it out long for Locks of Love, but they only take hair that's at least 10 inches long. I may well be mad before then. (Wouldn't it be embarrassing for this to be what turned me into a mad scientist? Certainly not a story I'd want to share at conventions.)

* Almost done sorting out all my stuff for the trip back to East Lansing. Of course, my computer and hard drive are still out, and they're the biggest things, so I'll have to take it all out and repack it before I go. But at least all that little stuff is off the floor.

* Mmmmm, I'm having some lemony pie stuff Mom bought before I came home. Delicious.

* Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a lot of fun. (No, I didn't get it, but Kipp did.) I think the action commands are harder now, or my reflexes have just atrophied. And the translation was done very well, just like the N64 Paper Mario. "Oops, I guess this isn't my father after all." There's some funny stuff in that game.

* I really like pumpkin pie. *awaits gasps from harry_and_ginny* Yeah, I know you heard me. And I stand by it!</injoke> *giggle* I got a free pie from work; there were a bunch that were close to expiration, and everyone got to grab one. Mom wasn't able to make one for Thanksgiving, but I have one now. I'm happy.

And I'm spent. Sleep well, everyone. (If you're in a time zone where you will be sleeping soon.)

Edit: And check out my awesome new icon! It's a gift from indigoskynet, of course. ^_^ She also gave me a version without the hat: "ShayCaron is devious". *grin*
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