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[Life] Brief Space Between Visits

(Okay. I'm on my friends page. Why are Opera's Google ads about cough syrup? I mean, seriously, what the hell? And related searches are "Ancient Art", "Cat Mask", and "Cold". WHAT?)

Well, I'm back in Orion from my trip home last weekend, waiting a few days until my trip home this weekend. (And yes, they fixed the phone lines, but only by Tuesday morning, about an hour before I left.) It took me a few hours to catch up to everything Tuesday, and then I worked for 4½ hours and slept way too long. So I'm finally making a real post like I promised.

I had a lovely time at home. We had a Christmas party with my mom's side of the family Saturday night. Now, we don't see many of my dad's relatives during the holidays. He has a brother and a sister; my aunt lives hours away from our hometown, and apparently we're somewhat estranged from my uncle, over something that happened while I was at college and I still don't understand what the heck it was. So we usually just see my grandmother and great-grandmother. We're having dinner with them Friday night this year (although I'm taking a late bus home and may miss dinner proper).

My mom's family, on the other hand... She has a brother, who is my aunt's third husband. She has children from her previous marriages and with my uncle (plus one adopted daughter, if I recall correctly). Those children all have spouses or are dating someone, and two of the three married couples have young children. Add to that my grandparents and me, Kipp, and Dad, and you have easily twenty people. So it gets pretty crowded.

Dinner was great; there was ham, potatoes with cheese sauce, some very nice rolls, and several other courses. I ended up having two plates, which isn't as much as it sounds like. I tend to take small portions at big dinners and then take more small portions until I'm full. Then we opened presents, which took a while, of course. To make it a bit less hectic we go from youngest to oldest, each opening one present at a time. I got Mystery Science Theater 3000: the Essentials (Manos and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians -- fitting, and both new to me) and the second and third Invader ZIM DVDs. Plus I'd asked for a duct-tape wallet from ThinkGeek, so my grandfather made a wallet from duct tape and stuck a $20 bill in it. *grin* So like I said, I had fun. It was great to see everyone again, after being away from home so long.

So anyway, I'm hanging out here until Friday night. I have work today, from 2:30 to 11, and then on Friday, from 2 to 6. Then I catch a bus south at 7 o'clock and get ready for Christmas day! I'm looking forward to it a lot this year, not because of what I'm getting, but because of what I'm giving. I've put together a big gift for a friend. ^_^

May post again after work, if I have anything interesting to say. If not, I, er, won't. So. Yeah. Later.
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