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[Thoughts] Meme Time! Donner Style

Geez, it's been a while since I posted, hasn't it? I'm slowly getting more consistent. Life has been progressing normally. I'm working on my dad's web site for him (he's changing over to PHP and MySQL, which I've taught myself), working on my own web site, and going to work most days. So for this post, I'm going to do a meme recently created by beeblebabe: the Cannibalism Meme.

Hey, let's post on our ljs about what other people on lj that we would like to eat so we could absorb their powers, and how we'd prepare them. ...basically just a very strange way of showing your admiration for people on the interweb.

Seven people. That I would eat. To gain their powers. And my method of preparation.

DISCLAIMER: If you really need a disclaimer here, there's no hope for you.

I would start by baking copperbadge into a lopsided cake (probably carrot with a cream cheese frosting), to gain his power of being able to write about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and make it good. And if I could become a BNF too, so much the better.
I think ironychan, for some reason, would be good mixed into pancake batter, covered in butter and syrup and with strawberries atop. Her ability to pack five paragraphs' worth of funny into three lines of LJ post (as well as her cute cartoony art style) would serve me well.
croaky would end up as a nice big bowl of ramen, so that her power over art, anatomy, and ninja boys would be mine.
darqstar I would mix into a batch of chili, because her willpower and dedication to improving herself are two things I could quite use more of.
I'd probably turn zubkavich into steaks and grill him (once it gets warmer out, mind you), for his awe-inspiring artistic skills.
dragonscholar would be shredded up for use in a nice plate of chicken human parmigiana, so I too could create awesome random generators and a really huge, detailed world and storyline.
And finally, I would chop my own brother kipperton into sausages, thereby stealing his nigh-unstoppable DDR skills and mastery of all forms of guitar.

Yeah... that's just about the weirdest thing I've ever written down. But considering I've thought on more than one occasion, "Boy, I really need to eat his/her brain and gain his/her knowledge," I couldn't pass this meme up.
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