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[Life] November, Rants, a Dancing Princess, and the Editing of Text

Hey, gang. First off, congratulations to everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo or an equivalent! I'm thrilled that so many people on my list succeeded and even exceeded expectations! (I'm talking to you, ironychan, with your 2-week novel. ~_^ And indigoskynet, doing Art by the Inch, totalled 140% of her original goal...) Once you all are famous published authors/artists, remember me. *chuckle* I wasn't able to hit 50,000 lines of code (an unrealistic goal, I now realize), but I did manage to get my brain back into the coding mindset, and I've made progress lately.

It's been a pretty nice day today; I had the day off, so I hung out at home and worked on Forrester Labs (not ready to open yet, but the new year is my new tentative release date) and Limyaael's Rants, a compilation of limyaael's literally hundreds of rants on how to write good fantasy -- as well as how to not write bad fantasy. The site only has a few of her rants archived, and it's still kind of ugly, but it's serviceable. And really anything that gets more people to read her rants is a good thing.

Then I was off to Animosity, the campus anime club, where, as treasurer, I got to choose the night's officer pick! I selected episode 1 of Mai-HiME, a series I've just recently fallen in love with after seeing it mentioned on Momotato Daioh. It went over quite well (everyone cracked up when Nagi fell over, and I heard a girl say, "Well, that was 'special'"), as did my four AMV choices. And I printed off twenty copies of a hastily-transcribed lyric sheet for the intro to Tenshi na Konamaiki (aka Cheeky Angel), one of the five series we watch every week. A bunch of members sing along with it, but they stall out outside of the chorus (which is partially English and therefore easier to remember).

But none of those are why I decided to open up Semagic tonight. No, the main reason I'm making this post is to describe a wonderful example of customer support I've just encountered. indigoskynet has done this in the past, and I want to as well; I was so impressed with the quick response I got that I want as many people as possible to hear about it.

So I'd been having a little trouble with EditPlus, the program I use to edit text files and HTML/PHP for my web site and other stuff. Occasionally I'd get this weird display bug where the semicolons at the ends of my lines would jump to the left and hide behind the code. Then I couldn't edit any more, since the cursor position didn't match up with where my typed text actually appeared. (If that doesn't make sense, enter the LJ cut for a quick illustration.) It's been bugging me for weeks, so I finally pinpointed the circumstances that caused the bug tonight. I opened the EditPlus web site to send off a quick e-mail to the support address:

Kind of hard to explain in a subject. I've provided a couple of screencaps.

So I've gotten into the habit of using EditPlus to upload PHP web pages to
my site. So everything starts out fine.

But if I open the FTP Upload dialog (Ctrl-Shift-S) and then cancel without
uploading, this happens:

It does the same thing in any other files I open or have open, and it
lasts until I close EditPlus and open it again.

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to give.
-- Shay Caron

Now, I sent this e-mail at 10:54 PM my time, which translates to 12:54 PM in South Korea, where EditPlus creator Sangil Kim lives. About thirty minutes later, I get an e-mail marked 1:24 PM South Korea time, or 11:24 PM Michigan time:


I'm sorry for the problem. Please try the following patch file.

This patch file requires version 2.12 installed on your system.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Sangil Kim

And when I downloaded the patch and applied it, I found the bug was gone without a trace.

That just blew me away. Upon getting my e-mail, Sangil tracked down and fixed the bug, created a patch file, and immediately sent me an e-mail with a link to it, all in less than a half-hour. I've already registered EditPlus, but now I want to do it again. ^_^ I sent back an e-mail saying how amazed I was and promptly set to writing this post.

Once again, the program is EditPlus. It's a bit pricier than I thought it was, but it's the best text editor I've ever used, plus it's got color-coding, automatic FTP uploading, and dozens of other features that make HTML and PHP coding really easy. With that in mind and after this stellar customer service, I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending it to any and all of you. I hope Sangil gets a bunch of new business from this link (although I'd settle for one registration). ~_^

So thanks for indulging me there. I just had to talk about such great customer service, since it seems most of us experience the other kind. Tune in later (I'm not going to say "tomorrow", because that would jinx it) when I do that Christmas list meme that's been floating around. I figure, since I'm saving all the lists I see on my friends list in order to give, I ought to give everyone else a chance to let me receive. Hee hee. Later!
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