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Top 10 Things to Know About Me

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(Incidentally, that is a Nekobox T-shirt I'm wearing. You want one. You may not know it yet, but you do.)

10. I enjoy making lists. I often prefer it to actually accomplishing anything.
 9. I possess an incurably romantic heart. Sappy love-love stories make me grin and giggle like an idiot. I eventually plan to write romantic stories myself (see item five), and I hope I'll be good at it, considering I've never been in a real relationship. Wait, maybe that should have its own entry.
 8. I've never been in a real romantic relationship. Yeah, there we go. I had a crush on my best friend for a good three or four years, but other than that, there's really been nothing serious. I figure I'll find someone eventually; I'm not in a hurry, by any means.
 7. I'm not very athletic at all. P.E. was my most loathed subject all through grade school (until we were no longer required to take it, that is). I keep trying to get more exercise, but none of the attempts have lasted yet.
 6. As of this date, the following things are foremost in my mind: Rave Master, Dark Cloud 2, "Weird Al" Yankovic's latest CD (which is coming to me as we speak), Terry Pratchett's latest book (also on the way), the Narbonic role-playing game (I play mad scientist Dr. Basil Griffith).
 5. I've recently (in the past year or so) gotten into fan-fiction. My ideas number in the dozens; what I'm working on now is Project O.N.E., a cyberpunk version of the pirate anime/manga One Piece. I also want to write original stories, but I haven't as many ideas for those currently. Most of my stories are better suited to other media.

Eh, I'll finish this list later.
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