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Fallen Shards

I suppose it's poetic, in a way, that not three hours after telling my mother over the phone, "Yeah, I really like living here," an event would occur to make me long for hermiting.

I went to bed at 12:30 tonight, which is early for me, because I had nothing to do and I was tired. Around 1:30 or so, I was... well, not really awoken, as I was only half-asleep at the time, but half-awoken by stomping above my ceiling.

Let me lay out my housing situation for you. I live in a co-op with twenty other people. It's a big house, with about four floors. I'm in a basement-level double with Dave, and our room happens to be underneath the first floor living room. So the stomping around got pretty darn loud. I briefly imagined their stomping causing the ceiling to collapse on top of me, and managed to scare myself. I told myself firmly that no way could they do that and rolled over in bed.

That goes on until about 2:00. Now, there's a single light on the ceiling of my room, which has had a glass cover over the two bulbs. The cover was loose; in fact, several weeks ago it dropped onto my head when I bumped it. You see where I'm going with this. The cover dropped and shattered on the floor. I actually felt a few pieces of glass land on my blanket.

So I turned on the light and just stared for a few seconds, unable to quite comprehend what had just happened, before heading upstairs in a rage to yell at them. As I enter the room, the first thing I see is a big guy lifting a small girl several feet off the ground.

Me: Hey! *attempting to get everyone's attention* HEY! *failing, decide to talk over them* Thanks to you guys stomping around, the cover on the light on my ceiling fell down, and now there's shattered glass all over my floor.
(I don't really know what I expected to accomplish by confronting them.)
Some guy I don't recognize: Hey, man, come join the party!
Me: *pissed off, I let out a swear word and stomp away (I'm not proud of that)*
Some guy: Hey, I was just kidding!

Dave eventually came down and helped me clean up most of it, and I got a vacuum to get the rest. Intellectually, I'm not mad at any of them; they couldn't have known the cover was loose, of course. But that doesn't stop me feeling like I want to put their heads through walls. Ah, well. By morning this will all be behind us. (Although I'll be wearing sandals around the house for a few days.)

So, anyone know of a nice cave near here with an ethernet hookup?

Edit: Let's see. Regarding my last post, I'm disappointed but still optimistic, and regarding the post before that, I've accomplished nothing. I'll reply to comments in the morning, I promise.
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