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[insert "I VOTED" sticker here]

Ladies and gentlemen, today I, Shay Alexander Caron, voted in my first ever United States election. Does voting always feel this satisfying? ^_^ My shift at work today starts at 2 PM (I have a very erratic schedule), so there was plenty of time. Just so you know, I voted for Kerry and against straight marriage. [snicker] Well, not really, but I'm sure that's what the loonies would say.

So, yes, I voted for John Kerry. And not because he's "not Bush", but because I honestly think he'll make a good president. I'm a bit ashamed of myself, though. I didn't even look up all the other candidates I'd be voting on -- you know, for things like judge and sheriff and the Michigan Supreme Court. I pretty much went Democratic, since that's the way I seem to be leaning these days. In the next election, I'll get started the month before and decide on everything before I go in, promise.

And I voted no for both of Michigan's propositions. #1 was about requiring a vote on new casinos; I was undecided on that, but I eventually decided to go with less restriction rather than more. And #2 is a proposal to say that "marriage between one man and one woman" is all that will be allowed in Michigan, which is, and I hope you'll excuse the swear word, complete bullshit.

Everything went very smoothly. I got to the room for my district at about 10:00, and there was a very small line. I went through, almost squealed with joy at seeing my name on the registered voter list, and went to an open booth.

The Michigan ballot was very well constructed, I think. (Yeah, I had a paper ballot, which is good, because I'm not really trusting those computers just yet.) Every spot to be punched out is numbered, and the various choices all have the corresponding numbers next to them. So once I pulled the ballot out, I could check the numbers to be sure I made the right votes.

And then I came home, with a little "I VOTED" sticker on my shirt. ^_^ Not particularly eventful, but I feel really good about it. However my state goes, whatever the nation decides, I did my part.

Oh, and I wore my black hooded sweatshirt, with indigoskynet and the Mosh video in mind. [grin]
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