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Complicated Summer

Good god, has it really been three months since I last posted? *sigh* It's been a complicated summer. I've got a description of why it was complicated half-written; I'll post it tomorrow night. Promise.

Had a frustrating run-around today. I went over to the secretary of state's office to get a state ID (I have yet to get a driver's license) and register to vote (I definitely want to have a say in this upcoming election). Turns out I need my birth certificate, though, to get the state ID. So they give me the location of a place that can print a copy for me, and I take the bus over there (it takes almost an hour before I finally arrive). And it turns out this office only has birth certificates of people born in this county. Which I wasn't. Aargh.

Today's amusing spam e-mail title: "Lookin' to get some ass? umbilicus" O_O Gypsy, no!

Well, that's all for tonight. I'm going to try to keep posting on a regular basis, as well as get Forrester Labs up and running soon. The Internet connection where I'm living now is malfunctioning, though, so I have to leave the house when I want to get online. Annoying, but I can deal with it.

And finally, the return of my task list. I'm going to try for 5/day again.

Tasks Completed 8/30:

  • Cash check
  • Pay rent for September
  • Hang up shirts
  • Put away food
  • Post on LiveJournal
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