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Various Stuff

My entry for hpgw_ficafest is coming along well! I've got everything plotted out in my head until they leave for Diagon Alley, and I've got a bit of dialogue written. It's coming surprisingly quickly, actually.

I've got a new web site! I've switched providers; my new host, Fuitadnet, has a lot more features than my old. The front page is called Forrester Labs, and I'll have separate pages for my comics Protection and Terra Guardian (I'll tell you about that later). Here's the tentative index page for my personal site: If you've got any comments on the design, let me know, although it's not close to completion. (I've discovered the wonders of CSS.)

ACen costuming goes... well, it goes. I got out my old Kyo costume, so that's fine. I found a perfect shirt for Kiyomaro, but I need slacks and I need to make that tie thing he's got. And the red book, of course. And Zim still needs a lot of work. I'm going to enumerate the steps I need to take right here.
  1. Purchase a bald-wig; turn it green (probably with makeup) and poke 2 pipe cleaners through it
  2. Draw black lines around the T-shirt
  3. Put the pink felt together to form sleeves
  4. Cut up the pink foamish stuff to form arm and shoulder triangles
  5. Somehow turn that styrofoam circle into a hemispherical pak
  6. Get some black pants that fit
  7. Somehow combine transparent red plastic, soap dishes, and twine to make Irken eyes
And that's not including what I'll have to do once I'm ready to wear it.

I'll talk about City of Heroes later, okay? Thing is, I can't play it while I'm at home, because every so often my internet connection will just stop working. Then a minute or so later, it starts again. This is not conducive to online game playing.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone, and happy birthday, camwyn! Hope you enjoyed it.
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