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Past and Future

First order of business: happy birthday yesterday, kungfufooey! And happy birthday today, resonant8! Hope his day was nice and her day will be nice.

Second, I'm out for the semester and at home! For about a week. See, I had my last exam Thursday (Japanese 102. I think I did okay), and I came home yesterday (Friday). I'm staying here until next Thursday, when I'll be picked up by my anime club friends and brought to Anime Central 2004 (more on which later)! Then, on the Sunday ACen ends, I'll be dropped off on the MSU campus again, where I will proceed to take summer classes for the next two (approx.) months. Whew!

As a result of this, I'm not really... feeling like it's summer yet, and I doubt it'll sink in for a while. I'm looking forward to the summer semester, though, for many reasons. It'll be a lot less boring than last summer, as I'll have stuff to do. I'm going to get a roommate again, and stick with the anime club for a while. And also, there are a lot of attractive women who go to MSU, and it's hard to girlwatch in the winter. Heh.

This fly buzzing around my room seems to have a deathwish. It's hiding behind my tub o' computer parts; hold on while I attempt to swat its squeedily-spooch out.

No luck. Hah, a wily foe indeed. But I shall emerge victorious in the end! Ahem.

Now, on to ACen! I'm noticing a lot of people whose journals I read are going this year. Just off-hand, I can think of fallingzophiel, ironychan, and mads, and I'm sure there're others. I'm a bit torn; I'd like to say "Hey, wanna meet up sometime?" but I'd feel awkward just saying that to someone I don't really know very well. I'm a bit shy, you see. But how am I going to meet new people if I don't talk to anyone new? I suppose I'll just throw it out here. Anyone reading who'd like to say hi to me at ACen, please suggest a time and place. ^_^

I'm going to be cosplaying, of course. I haven't managed my money very well this year, so I haven't had time to buy supplies for costumes. I'm going to get my Kyo costume from last year out again. There's a photo of it on Cosplay Lab, if you'd like to gaze upon my hideous visage. Then I'll do my Invader Zim costume -- assuming I can get my hands on a bald wig before then, and assuming I have time this week to put all the pieces together. I have the raw materials, but it's unassembled. Finally, I'm going to play Takamine Kiyomaro, from the much-more-obscure-than-it-deserves-to-be anime "Konjiki no Gash Bell". That's a simple outfit -- I just need a white dress shirt, black pants, that weird tie thing he has on, and a red book.

This post's getting a little long. I'm going to cut it off here. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my new web site and my adventures in Paragon City.

And now, just because, a meme, taken from shax, who took it from rtdn.
1) Count the number of memes, surveys, online quizzes, etc. you have posted in LiveJournal.
2) Punch yourself in the face.
I couldn't resist.
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