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Cleaning Up My Messes (and Other Adventures)

OK, I haven't written in a long time... I think I'll start this entry... by making all my readers embarrassed to know me! Yeah, that's a good plan.

So I made some headway into cleaning up my room tonight. I got together all the trash on the desks and floor and threw it out. You want to know how much there was? FOUR TRASH BAGS WORTH. These aren't very big trash bags, mind you. BUT STILL. And that's not all, oh, no. I also had FOUR BLOODY PIZZA BOXES. It took two trips to get all that crap out to the dumpster. Oh, how I wish I were making this up.

That's out of the way. Now for some goofy stuff. Here's a paragraph I wrote some time ago but never got around to posting.

WTF moment of the day: So I go to my little refrigerator and get out the ice cube tray, which I filled with water the other day. When I pull it out, I find that seventeen of the squares are filled with ice, and the eighteenth... still has water in it. ...?!?!??!11!1!

In recent news, I went home for spring break and came back. Nothing really eventful happened. It was really nice to see my family again (for more than just a day or two). Didn't get to play FFCC again; shame.

I've lately been involved with something that I really, really wish I could tell you about. Unfortunately, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't talk about it, and I'm not even supposed to say what it is I can't talk about. [snaps fingers] Well, I'll get into it at the end of April.

In college news, I've been feeling really... burnt out is the best term for it. I just don't want to go to class or do any work. (Oddly, I'm not having trouble actually getting up in the mornings.) I have a calculus exam tomorrow, and I'm not confident in my ability to take it. I'll just do some last-minute studying, I guess, and hope they suddenly change it to multiple choice.

One more thing before I say goodbye. I've been working a bit on fanfiction lately (not a lot, but a bit), but I also want to branch out into original fiction. Not because I think fanfiction is only a stop on the path to original or anything like that, but simply because I've had original story ideas that fit the medium best. Here're the prospective summaries for some of the stories I have in mind. Would you mind commenting on them?

Cyan (sci-fi) -- He woke up in a forest outside the city, just a teenaged human with no memories, sky-blue hair, and only a pair of pants to call his own. Then he discovered he wasn't human. (I wanted to do this for National Novel Writing Month, but I never got around to actually writing it.)
Kinetics (sci-fi) -- Haley Parker thinks he's a normal teenager living in a normal little town. When his previously unknown psychic powers suddenly emerge, he must adapt swiftly, deal with a huge corporation moving in... and relearn what "normal" really means.
Live By the Sword (manga-style romance) -- When kendo star Harrison Yuki's high school is levelled and the students are forced to transfer into Suikomu High, she finds herself faced with their infuriating, intriguing team captain, Asuhara Eishi.
Lucky Break (fantasy) -- The Chambers family has been inexplicably lucky for generations. On her way home from school one afternoon, Melissa Chambers is attacked by strange ceramic creatures, and she learns exactly where this luck comes from.
Mates (romance) -- Ashley Wright and Chris Watson. Thanks to a series of misunderstandings, computer errors, and ambiguous names, these two college freshmen are stuck sharing a dorm room. He's freaked out; she's furious. It goes downhill from there.
Split Take: Red Stream (sci-fi) -- Yamada Kenji is a gifted inventor who has a few close friends and a caring family. When his latest project malfunctions, he ends up in a seemingly normal world where everything he knows is wrong...
Split Take: Blue Stream (sci-fi) -- Yamada Kenji is an energetic athlete who is popular but distant from his family. When his father's latest project malfunctions, he ends up in a seemingly normal world where everything he knows is wrong... (These two, obviously, would be linked together.)
Sum of His Parts (humor) -- We see Scott's life both on the outside and the inside, as within his brain, Intellect tries to keep Fury, Romance, Depression, Instinct, Evil, and all the rest of Scott's personality under control. (Needs a better summary. Also, I've never seen Herman's Head, just so you know.)
Unsealed (fantasy) -- For almost sixteen years, teenagers across the globe have been inexplicably developing strange magical powers. When Alexander Summers becomes an 'Unsealed', he must learn quickly, before (something bad I haven't decided on yet happens).

Y'know, I've noticed something. A lot of anime or manga stories have the basic plot "strange girl and normal boy fall in love". With several of my story ideas, though, it goes "strange boy and normal girl fall in love". I don't know what that says about me.

I'll see if I can't pick up a pencil and draw something soon. Later!
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