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A Successful Hunt

Well, I suppose "one post every two months" is still an improvement on the previous status quo.

So today was my first full day back from a weekend spent down in Georgia with my girlfriend, and while I've mostly been a useless lump all day, I did manage to get this post written in between... lumping. I guess. It was a very eventful visit, so I think it's only right to keep everyone up to date.

Friday and Tuesday were both spent traveling and recovering from traveling, so I'll focus on the three full days I was down there. On Saturday we started out by meeting with an agent at Promove. I'd never heard of them before (which makes sense considering they only serve Atlanta and Dallas), but wow, I was really impressed with them. The guy we talked with gave us a massive stack of apartment places that he thought would be suitable, narrowed it down to six that were close to Indigo's work, and even gave us a map with all six marked off. I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone who's looking for a place to live in one of the aforementioned cities.

We'd gotten a late start that day, so we only had time to visit one complex before everyone's hours ended. We both really loved Seven Pines! It was a little high price-wise, but the apartment was gorgeous. Town home style with two floors and lots of space, fantastic amenities on the complex... But right after our tour, we found out that they aren't served by the TV/internet company that Indigo works with -- and therefore gets a huge discount with. To get the package she has at her current apartment with another company would have cost us at least $100/month. I was willing to take that trade-off, since I'm not really much of a TV watcher and wouldn't have minded a small downgrade, but Indigo wasn't certain about it, as much as she loved the apartment and the amenities. So we decided we'd give it more thought after we looked at some other places.

On Sunday we got an earlier start and saw four of the other five recommended apartments -- the last one wasn't open on Sundays. We saw two places managed by Alara whose full names I can't recall; they were nice, but relatively pricey. Still, I was very fond of the first one we saw. It only had one bathroom instead of two, but it was a very nice bathroom with a huge bathtub, and I felt like we were getting a pretty good deal overall. Plus the location was fantastic for Indigo's work commute. Next we saw Belcourt, which was okay enough, and the price was pretty good, but there wasn't much in the way of amenities and nothing really stood out to either of us.

And then we hit the last place we'd see that day, Jefferson at Champions Parkway. This place had a lot going for it too! A sizeable apartment for a pretty good price, good amenities, a location that wasn't quite as close to Indigo's work but still pretty close... It's literally walking distance from a little shopping center, too, which is pretty nice. So we went over to a friend's house and did some more thinking. I was initially still leaning toward the first Alara property, but the more I thought about it, the more Jefferson grew on me.

So on Monday, after talking it over a little more, we returned to Jefferson to look at another sample apartment, this one empty instead of furnished. Here are the photos I took of it! And we liked it enough that we soon took the big leap: the Signing of the Lease. There was a lot to sign -- I think I put my signature down more times in an hour than I had in the past year. But it's all locked down, and we just need to rustle up the initial rent/deposits for April when Indigo moves in. $831 a month plus utilities, for a 2-bed 2-bath with 1,185 square feet.

After that we went driving around the neighborhood, looking at stores that I could possibly transfer into. There are three to choose from very close to the new place! I didn't have much luck with them, what with two of the hiring managers not being in, but I'll work on it with my managers up here in Michigan. And finally we closed the night out with a celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We shared a few appetizers, and then I had two pieces of cheesecake and zero regrets. (I didn't finish them until the next day, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

So that was my weekend. It felt way too short, but we got a lot accomplished and had a great time. Now I've got two months to get everything in order up here and actually move. (So probably that's when I'll post next at this rate??) I'm super excited and eager to get down there and take the long-distance out of our relationship.

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