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Inventor's Log
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
Wow, another post? And it hasn't been months since the last one? Shay, are you feeling alright?

Class is going okayish, work still stinks, and my apartment is a mess. And I'm still out of energy, so my RP hiatus is stretching past when I wanted it to. (Darn it, one of my characters at CFUD has gotten at least five new castmates in this weekend's app round. I need to get back in the game!)

So that's my current status. The main thrust of this post is to do another signal boost. Text borrowed from my love:

snowcoma's mental health and the fact that our health care is still not where it needs to be has resulted in her desperately needing money to avoid being placed in a mental hospital. So a community has been formed where LJers are donating items to be auctioned off in order to help her. savesnowssanity for more details.

Any help that you can manage will be appreciated, I'm certain.

Feeling: drained drained

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