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[Life] Grade Ups and Downs

So, I'm taking another class this fall semester. It should have been two, but one of them was canceled due to low attendance. Of course, considering how I've been doing so far, maybe it's best I'm only in one class.

It's Accounting 220, "Intermediate Accounting I". So far it seems to be mainly going more in-depth on what we learned the basics of in previous classes. We had our first exam on Tuesday, and at the time I felt like I absolutely bombed it. Turned out I got 72 out of 100. Not good, but still possible to salvage. If I really crack down and stop procrastinating, I can make up the lost ground.

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. "If you state your intentions in public, you're more likely to stick to them." With that thought of Indigo's in mind, I'm setting forth my plans for the rest of the semester:

* Study/work on homework for at least one hour every day. Days I actually have class are exempt.
* Complete all available homework and all possible extra credit points.
* ...That's pretty much it, really.

Day 1 has met with success! I read through this week's chapter and finished one of the in-class problems on the homework, which counts as 3 of the 13 points I need. So hopefully the habit will continue on.
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