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Inventor's Log
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
[Life] A Long Way to Go
Just a quick signal-boost, passing on a link at the request of my beautiful girlfriend. Via naamah_darling: An Indiana hospital ridiculed and ignored a transgender patient who was coughing up blood, in front of her wife and child. It's things like this that remind me the fight for equality is never won, never ended. Can't ever stop working at it.

As long as I'm posting, how are things going with me? Ups and downs. Got my final grades back for the summer class: My grand point total was 578/600, which was well above the cutoff for a 4.0. But work today was absolutely awful, so I'm feeling drained and exhausted even more so than usual tonight. Continuing to get around 20,000 steps a day on the Pokéwalker, though today was only 18,000 or so. (Odd that a really bad day would have less walking around. Well, it wasn't the walking that I hated.) Doing some roleplaying; I still plan to post about that in a bit, after I get one more app finished. By which I mean "started". Sigh.

And that's pretty much it. Later, folks.

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