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[Life] School and Holiday

I'm a bit too sleepy to come up with a clever title tonight.

So I'm relaxing at my parents' house with said parents and my brother Kipp, all of us winding down in preparation for the morning. Yesterday Kipp picked me up from my apartment and brought me down here, where we had the party with Mom's side of the family. And tonight we just returned from dinner with my grandmother on Dad's side. So it's been a nice couple of days, and I'm free to stay here until Sunday. (Got W-F off from work, and my next shift isn't until Monday.)

Now, since Indigo reminded me I hadn't posted about this, I thought I'd share the current news on my schooling. Still working on that accounting degree; I only managed to register for two credits this past semester, because I left registration until late. But I made it through that 2-credit course with a solid 4.0. And I've got 8 credits to look forward to in the winter/spring semester: Cost/Managerial Accounting I and Federal Income Tax I. Plus I was approved for some financial aid! The need-based grant I got will cover the school year's total tuition and then some, which is great news to hear.

With that all recorded, it's off to bed with me. I know, I know, but no matter how old I get I will never stop being excited about this night. Kipp commented during the party Wednesday that my eyes lit up when we were getting to the present-opening time, and you know what? I'm proud of that and I refuse to outgrow it. |D Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone. ♥


I just realized, all my sleeping clothes are in the wash. Shay, I don't think you thought your cunning plan all the way through.
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