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Today is my twentieth birthday. Two-zero. 20. Two decades.

No, it still isn't sinking in. Let me try again.

I'm 20 bloody years old!!!

... Nothing. By the time I actually feel 20, I'm gonna be, like, 25 or something, I can tell.

So, it's been a long time since I posted, hasn't it? There hasn't been a lot going on, really. Classes are tough. The past few days I've been sorting through my music collection. I've also been downl I certainly have not been downloading any anime or game soundtracks as well. *cough* Anyway. Here're a few facts and random thoughts I had while I was sorting:

* What do I have the most of? Well, my "Weird Al" Yankovic collection tops the charts at a whopping 13 albums and 132 tracks (that's including the 'Miscellaneous' directory, which has a few songs in it).
* In terms of sheer number, though, my set of Dance Dance Revolution soundtracks beats that, with an incredible 367 tracks in 8 albums.
* If bluerain put out a CD of some sort, I would definitely buy it. I really like his song "From the Rain".
* I could hit the play button and listen for over EIGHT DAYS STRAIGHT without hearing the same song twice.
* Chocobo Racing had some really catchy songs.
* So did Ape Escape.
* I really need to rent Parappa the Rapper 2 one of these days. Maybe next time I go home (and have access to a PS2).
* Aladdin was a really good movie. Why did Disney stop making movies like that?
* Most annoyingly tedious thing in the world: going through 50 MP3s from a game soundtrack and setting their titles and track numbers one at a time.
* I need to back up my music files, because if my MP3 player dies, 4500 MP3 files go with it.
* It is entirely possible to download more than 2 gigabytes of files in one night.
* It's a bloody good thing I don't pay for my Internet access.

My friend Ryan has recently started up a RPG campaign set in the Naruto universe, using the old Big Eyes Small Mouth system (the non-D20 version, for those of you who know your RPGs). We've had two sessions so far, and the most notable thing my character has done is stab himself in the leg with one of his katanas. (Damn critical failures.) But I've got time to be cool, so no worries.

Tonight was a lot of fun. My parents and brother kipperton came up to spend some time with me. We went over to Marshall Music, had dinner at the Olive Garden (those were some gooood breadsticks), and played pool until 9 PM. I even got presents! The first Big O season 2 DVD (eeeeee), a Dilbert collection, money (of course), and another book entitled "How to Read a Person Like a Book", which apparently is a guide to body language. *takes breath after slightly excessive sentence* I'm going over to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to get something with my new gift card, and I also may swing by CompUSA to pick up the City of Heroes pre-order box. Mmmmm, superheroes.

Finally, I note that today is also waffledog's 21st birthday. Wander over to his site. DO IIIIIT...
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