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[Life] Upgrade

Another average day today. Work went fairly okay; today was payday, which is always nice. Still having trouble making progress on my to-do list, though I'm getting plans made.

But the most notable point of the day is this: Having wanted to do it since about mid-December, I've finally gone and ordered an Inspiron Mini 12 netbook. I was inspired to do it by copperbadge's glee at receiving his own tiny, tiny laptop today. I'd never checked Dell's outlet site before, and at first I didn't see anything that looked good, but after a series of refreshes I eventually found a great deal on a Mini that was "Previously Ordered New". Not sure if that means the order was canceled, or it was returned unopened, or whatever. (There's a lot of turnover on Dell's outlet listings! Every time I refreshed there would be new ones up and old ones gone.) But it came out to $500 including shipping and tax, which is better than I'd have paid new, and it has slightly better stats than the new one I'd previously eyed.

So pretty soon I will have my own tiny laptop to use -- mainly for (A) taking notes in class and (B) working on my projects when I'm out of the apartment (or at least away from the desk). Now, looking at the measurements, when I say "tiny" it's really relative. The model I got isn't as small as I'd originally pictured it; the Mini 9 is smaller than a sheet of paper, but the 12 is slightly larger. (9" x 11.8") Still, it's only an inch thick and less than 3 pounds, which is in every possible way an improvement over the old doorstop of a laptop I used to use. Not to mention that that old laptop has a broken screen hinge, can't run on battery power for more than five seconds, and oh yeah, it's in Georgia right now.

Okay, off to bed with me. Tomorrow is another day, and with it another shot at my myriad to-dos.
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