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Inventor's Log
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
[Life] Triumph in Battle
Another quick update before bed, although I intend to go into more detail than yesterday. Today was a fairly good day overall. Work went well enough, and the weather's been great the past few days. It did pour rain on me on the way to class, but my umbrella minimized it. And everything in there makes sense as usual.

In between a bit of coding work (no new features/bug kills to report, alas), I finished Iji tonight! Made it all the way with no kills, and beat the end boss with one hit point left. I'm sure you can imagine how fast my pulse was racing at that point! This game is just amazing. It's obvious from beginning to end how much care and work went into it. I've also remembered a Metroidvania game idea I had a while back. Instead of fighting aliens with powerful tech, you would find an ancient scepter of power deep underground and fight using magic. One of these days I've got to dig out Game Maker and try it out for myself.

OK, off to bed with me. But before I go:

Your result for The Elemental Test...


The Protector

Your nature is Earth. You are protective and nurturing to those close to you and appreciate nature for it's own sake. Though violence and morbidity may disturb you, you have become accustomed to them being a part of everyday life and are perfectly ready to protect yourself from being included in these events.

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