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[Life] Coding Groove

Well, in most respects I have nothing to say about today -- just the usual work-home circuit. But the day was interesting in one aspect! After I got home, I spent most of the night doing some web site coding work for ceruleanst. (Have I ever mentioned I was doing that? Possibly not. For a long stretch of time I was blocked on making progress, and I did the whole hiding routine that's gotten me in trouble many times before. See also: fall 2003/spring 2004. Or don't, actually, because it embarrasses me just to think about it.)

It was slow going at first, but in the end I got a couple features finished and squashed an annoying bug in the admin section. Next I need to tackle the main navigation. I've been stalling on this for a while, because there's code there that I've already written, but it's flawed and... pretty much needs to be started from scratch. Which will be fun. But once I force myself to take it out and replace it with code that works, I think things will progress smoothly. I'm not quite back in the swing of it yet, but I'm remembering the joy that comes from that moment when something that was broken becomes something that works.

So that was my evening, pretty much. I was in a weird mood for a while, but that happily seems to have gone. The plan for tomorrow is work, laundry, home, then a mix of more coding and hopefully some RP. (I haven't played all week and I miss camp, darn it.)

Also I need to remember to buy bread. Not easy to make bag lunches without it.

Okay, I'm just going to post this now before I think of anything else to add. Good night!
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