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[Life] Another Another Day

Yes, my life continues, as normal and boring as usual. I got distracted this morning by internetly matters, and finally had to rush out the door. Made it to work on time, but forgot to grab my lunch and had to resort to buying food at work. So I'm going to start shutting the computer down every night when I turn in. That way it won't be on in the morning and I can't get distracted! Work itself was tiring, but fairly okay.

I'd noticed a while ago that my iPod had a few songs on it that it refused to play. When the songs popped up on the playlist, it would just instantly skip past them. So yesterday and today during my breaks at work, I resorted to going through all 2,200 or so songs and marking all the ones that wouldn't play. Turned out to be 22 songs that were glitching, and reloading them onto the iPod seems (knock on wood) to have fixed it.

Still haven't done tomorrow's handout worksheet. But it's not due until we go in around 6 PM. I'll have time to do it either at work or afterward. Right now I just need sleep.
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