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WTF, Mate? -or- My First LJ Dream!

OK, have to write this down now before I forget any more of the details. I just dreamt I was playing some sort of paintball game in a foresty setting with about a hundred people (including, for some inexplicable reason, a red-headed midget). I managed to pick off ysabet and andromeda_25, but dompazz got me right in the forehead, from his vantage point at the top of a cliff. Some other of my LJ friends might have been there, but I don't remember.

Keep in mind that, out of my list of about 130 friends, I have only ever met... like, five of them in person. *shakes his head* Weird dream.

In other news, woo, my Crawling Eye download completed while I was sleeping. Still don't have all of The Undead yet. Mmmmm, DAP.
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