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[Thoughts] Games and Comics

Okay, yet another quick post because I spent all night roleplaying. Oh, and finishing tomorrow's homework! I need to check it with somebody, though, because I'm a bit fuzzy on part of it. (I ate a big dinner before class yesterday, and ended up almost falling asleep through the first half of the lecture. I hope the teacher didn't notice.)

I've been thinking about Protection a lot lately. (For those of you who don't know, Protection is my old webcomic that hasn't seen any updates in years.) Haven't put pen to paper, but I've been brainstorming random storylines off and on. Now that I've got some good habits forming, I think the next one to try adding is to get Protection in gear. It won't be ready to launch for a long time, but I can at least work on my art skill and write more. If I ever manage to get some art drawn again, I'll post it up here so everyone can see.
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