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[Life] Tiring

Oh, man, I'm so tired at night lately! I took a nap between work and class, just because my legs were so sore and tired from a day at work.

Class was pleasant today, although I did get a bit annoyed at people asking questions about things I understood in one go. But that's just me being impatient, and I didn't let it show or anything. I did well on the exercise we did in class last time, and now I've got a worksheet or two to fill out before next Monday.

Got a couple more compliments on my haircut today! I'm kinda surprised. I mean, I was happy with it, of course, but I didn't think this many people would notice.

Uh, that's pretty much it for the night. Been derailed on my RP plans, but I've vowed to return to CFUD tomorrow right after work. No other plans for the day, besides chipping away at my to-do list from earlier.

ETA: Wow, I just noticed, I've posted every day for the last three weeks straight. Success! So far, that is! I fully intend to continue for as long as everyone's not totally sick of me. |D
Tags: [life], classes: 2009s accg 211, life: sleeping, rp: cfud, topics: to-do lists
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